Pinata Hunter 3

About Pinata Hunter 3D

Can downloaded on Google Play and App Store.

Pinata hunter 3D is a port/remake of the original version in flash for Android and iOS devices.

The game’s objective is to use a stick and hit a piñata until it breaks and candies or sweets fall out, The player collects these candies and gets bonus score. After 10 levels, you will face bosses which are harder than normal Piñatas. PinataHunter3D also features an online multiplayer so you can challenge your friends or random players to see who can get the best score.

Multiplayer Features:

  • Player vs Player battle with other players around the world using live multiplayer! -Use Multipliers in PVP mode to boost your score higher! -12 Unlockable Piñata’s to collect!
  • Compete for a place on the worldwide leaderboards and earn achievements! -Hone your skills by practicing offline against an assortment of Piñata’s. -Use candy collected from Piñata’s to buy Powerups that will help you in your quest.
  • In this update we have added 8 new characters, 4 new pinatas, new backgrounds and some other tweaks here and there as requested by players. Thanks for all the feedback guys it truly helps us improve game quality! -Multiplayer now features Google Play Services login so you only need one account across Android devices.
  • This is our biggest update yet with lots of fun stuff like WORLDWIDE LEADERBOARDS! COMPETE FOR GLORY!
  • We have 3 leaderboards in PinataHunter3D : Overall, Friends and My Scores. Good luck in your competition!
  • The Lost Jungle pinatas have been added to the game for everyone who bought the premium version of the game or who buys it within a limited time after release. If you bought the premium version previously these pinatas will still be unlocked even if you update to this new version since we made that change early on during development.
  • Improvements to multiplayer connectivity.